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  • InvasionU.S.A (With Chuck Norris)

  • BigTrouble in Little China (1986) (Director John Carpenter)

  • Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders (1989) (With George Peppard)

  • Kinjite:ForbiddenSubjects(1989) (With Charles Bronson)

  • NastyBoys (1989 TV Movie) (1990 13 Part TV Series For NBC)

  • Bethune:The Making Of A Hero (1990) (With Donald Sutherland)

  • Shootfighter:Fight to the Death (1993) (With Bolo Yeung)

  • TheFirst Emperor (2006) (Leading actor & Producer)

  • LA What's Happening (1997) (Bi-lingual TV Talk Show)   Producer director, show host.

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   Hong Kong      

  • Set Me Free (1988)

  • The Heroic Trio (1993) (DirectorJohnnie To)

  • Ma Shen aka The Inside Track (1994)

  • Wong Fei Hong (1995/6 TV MiniSeriesDrama) (For Tsui Hark)

  • I Have A Date With Spring (1996)

  • Remains of A Woman (1993)

  • Enemy Shadow (1995)

    郎心如铁.png   影子敌人.png


  • I’m Looking Forward to being Loved (Chinese Version Of Sex And The City TV Series)

  • On the other side of the Bridge (2002)

  • Shanghai Solution (2003 Powerful TV Drama Series)


  • 热血!新入社员宣言 The Fresh New Recruits. (TBS TV comedy)

  • Harimao Action movie, Shochiku Studio Japan.

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